Tom Carlaccini

Sales and Business Development Partner

More than a storyteller, Tom is a story seller. As a former sales director for Dow Jones, Tom brings 25 years of sales, lead generation and business development expertise to startup clients that need to acquire new customers and close critical deals. His collaborative nature, passion for negotiating and commitment to finding the win-win scenario make him the perfect supplement to a GENEROUS marketing program.

Edward Saenz

Branding and Naming Partner

Ever heard of Wi-Fi®? Edward has worked in the international branding and naming arena for more than 25 years. He is responsible for helping to name some of the world’s most innovative products and services – from Wi-Fi® to®, SEMPRA ENERGY®, Nissan XTERRA®, Nissan ARMADA®, Toyota ECHO®, Verizon’s THINKTOPIA® and many others. His multi-million-dollar brand names, in addition to his proven approach to helping startup companies identify their brand mantra, helps GENEROUS clients make a lasting impression in the market.

Amy Bonetti Price

Public Relations Partner

Amy has been doing public relations work since the 1990’s. After having spent eleven years working at Apple Computer, she opened up her own shop dedicated to helping emerging brands ride the Internet economy wave, and has been on the phone ever since. Her specialty in consumer products, fashion, business and retail, combined with the uncanny ability to leverage the current cultural zeitgeist, takes media relations beyond traditional PR. She gets GENEROUS clients what they need – namely: recognition, respect and critical mindshare.

Adam Warmington

Photography and Filmmaking Partner

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Adam’s videos are worth millions. As an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Adam has helped some of the most progressive brands in the world – from Audi to Levi’s, O’Neil, Oakley, Whole Foods and National Geographic – tell captivating stories that engage audiences and generate viral momentum. In short, he creates movements, meaning, storytelling magic. What burgeoning startup doesn’t need some of that?

Tyler Young

Art Director

With an artist’s eye and a strategist’s brain, Tyler is a natural born multi-disciplinarian (if that’s even a word). Having seen advantages of working outside the traditional agency structure early on, he’s a living testament to the fact that smaller groups can have a big impact. His award-winning visual aesthetic and extensive work in the social and environmental sustainability space has been praised both for its creative impact and significant contribution to the common good.

Christine Walker

Marketing Strategist

Christine believes in the power of design to make or break a startup’s success. She has worked as a marketing strategist and creative director for 25 years – helping some of the world’s most renowned brands build compelling visual identities and tell stories that matter. Her deep understanding of the retail landscape, quick analytical mind and experience building integrated campaigns leads GENEROUS clients to the best solutions. When she’s not envisioning the next big idea, she enjoys knitting, high technology and small town life in the beauty of the hills.

Amy Fritz

Creative Director

Amy has been at the forefront of the sustainable consumer products industry for sixteen years. She is a multidisciplinary designer, brand architect and social entrepreneur who brings creativity, strategic insight and innovation to her work. As the co-creator and designer behind the Lexus Hybrid Living campaign, Amy has worked with numerous values-driven Fortune 500 and startup brands to help visualize their higher aspirations and accelerate growth. Her creative talent spans across all areas of design – from brand identity and digital experiences to events, product development, interiors and fashion.

Christine Arena

Founder and CEO

Christine is a communications industry veteran with a 20-year career focused on harnessing the power of business to make a difference in the world. As an early pioneer in the corporate social responsibility movement and former Executive Vice President at Edelman, she has helped dozens of Fortune 500 and startup brands tell meaningful stories and bring purposeful solutions to market. She is a celebrated thought leader, award-winning author and blogger, passionate advocate for humanitarian causes and inspiring public speaker. Christine is dedicated to imagining a better future for all and working to make it a reality.

Deena Rosen

Research and UX Partner

Deena is one of the nation’s leading user experience designers. As the former Vice President of Design at Opower, she is passionate about using behavioral design to help solve some of our planet’s biggest problems. With experience in sectors including energy, organic food, mobile technology, consumer products and enterprise software, Deena helps GENEROUS clients solve design challenges that are critical to their adoption and success. For further inspiration, check out her TED Talk.