6 Rules to Create a Great Web Site
28 Apr 2016

6 Rules to Create a Great Web Site

28 Apr 2016

Without these 6 requirements you can’t get a great website. they must be followed!!! ALERT! ALERT! there’s many more things too but without these 6 ……..

1.Make it Beautiful.

it’s gotta be wonderful to look at. if it’s not pleasing no one is sticking around. if it’s a mess i don’t let go of the mouse and i’m outta here, if it’s ok i let the page load and i’m out of here, IF IT”S WONDERFUL I STICK AROUND. SO DO YOU!

2.Use White Space.

white space, gray space, any space is MANDATORY. you cannot create clutter – people can’t consume what is in front of them. SAY LESS MORE POWERFULLY is an excellent formula for attack. you want people to get what you’re saying? yes? that’s what Jobs was so spectacular with – the least required for the greatest effect. Nice! WHITE SPACE.


what FONTS (not just one font!) you use are critically important. if you want your site to look like a textbook page use one font everywhere. if you want your site to convey energy, warmth, intelligence, prominence, and so on – you must use a combination of fonts (not too many!) and they must look good together. don’t throw any two or three fonts in and expect them to look good together. and if YOU have not taste – get someone else to do it NOT YOU!


things have a flow to them, they look nice together,they’re pleasing to see, and the information presented is enough for you to continue to engage. sections need to be balanced, yet portray what is expected – an example a daily news site would be balanced very differently from an architecture firm.

5.Say Something.

this is a sibling to white space. use your website to communicate what’s necessary for your visitor. say something they want to hear. declare something. inform someone. make things clear, express an attitude. explain something. convey a feeling. SAY SOMETHING.

6.Make It Responsive.

the site has to play on all the major devices, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and the major browsers: various IE supported versions, current Firefox, current Chrome, current Safari. gotta be. done.

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