6 Reasons Developers Belong at Their Desks
18 Apr 2016

6 Reasons Developers Belong at Their Desks

18 Apr 2016

If you’re saying you need a local, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Developers belong at their desks – they’re wasting their time if they’re going to your office. and anyone with the time to go to your office has time to waste. what does that say? no wonder so many sites suck ……..

1.In Person is DOA.

there’s just no reason to meet face to face. THINK ABOUT IT!!! no matter how many or little hours we each work each week that’s all the hours that week. let’s say i visit two clients and one prospect in this fictional week. two of the visits take 30 minutes each way to travel there, one visit takes an hour each way, and i have to park for $26 since it’s downtown.

in this week there’s FOUR hours of travel plus expenses. if i spent every minute and more with the clients or prospects, i’d discuss the same things, say the same things, and listen to the same things. i’d be deadly on time and so would the client or prospect. ELIMINATING TRAVEL REDUCES COST FOR EVERYONE! WHAT IS THE POINT OF SEEING YOUR FACE versus speaking to you?

2.Telephone Talk.

developers should be at their desks all the time. and they should have a land line telephone and cell phone too. and developers should be available on multiple instant chat platforms also. and when a client uses any connection device or method they should get immediate attention.the phone and other devices make me instantly available. BETTER THAN BEING THERE.

3.Share Desktops.

get yourself a Skype account for free (don’t signup for anything that costs anything – it’s unnecessary!). make sure your developer has one. share desktops – there’s nothing better – it works well enough and it’s comprehensive, easy, and quick. Skype

4.Instant Messaging.

now that you’re hooked up to Skype you’re also hooked up on instant messaging! make sure to start up Skype and have it running all the time. i get very little spam – maybe 1 fool every 7-10 days – just decline and go on your way. it’s comprehensive, easy, and quick. DO IT!

5.Live Development.

now if i’m at my desk i can show you things at your desk wherever that is. i can make mods or show you versions while you’re looking at the at the same time i am. it’s simple i hand you urls through instant messaging and you look or i do something and tell you to refresh and you see what i did. it’s way better than sitting in your office.

6.Progress Reporting.

reporting i know where every hour goes and your developer should too. and s/he should be able to report it to you regularly (weekly) or on demand! either you think the hours reported versus the progress is good or you don’t. if you think things are good keep going – if not stop! HOURS REPORTING TELLS THE REAL DEAL.

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