FTP Information
11 Feb 2016

FTP Information

11 Feb 2016

ftp.overallTo properly install your site I always need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) information. Using FTP allows me access to the actual place the site resides……..

1.Host and Port.

host-and-portevery site has to reside somewhere. sometimes the host is a site name like: example.com, or an ip address like: also sometimes different hosts require a certain port. if so you need to get that too.


protocolevery host has a manner in which they require communication. that’s called the protocol – there’s many (and if you’re hosted by amazon it’s not listed!) but the key ones are listed.


encryptionagain there are many methods of encryption, but the most popular encryption methods are listed.

4.User Name.

usernameit’s ubiquitous, every account has a user name.


passwordand every username has a password!

FTP Info .

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    FTP - File Transfer ProtocolSFTP SSH - File Transfer Protocol


    Use explicit FTP over TLS if availableRequire explicit FTP over TLSRequire implicit FTP over TLSOnly use plain FTP (insecure)

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