4 Reasons Developers Disappear!
10 Apr 2016

4 Reasons Developers Disappear!

10 Apr 2016

I hear it all the time. “I see many, many ads, where people seeking developer services say they were “burned” and have incomplete sites and their developer disappeared. Boo Hoo!


Plenty of developers are not developers at all. At best they’re clever WordPress operators. Other than reading the instructions and maybe searching Google – they don’t know anymore than what the theme can do. The minute your needs requires, even one line of code – they can’t do it. At the end of the day – your developer is incompetent!


When you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t care, whatever you bid for a job really doesn’t matter. Projects where prices are pitched so low and customers get excited at their “savings” and “cleverness” – that’s where things go down the drain. As the developer’s time increases their achieved rate per hour decreases. When it gets low enough and is headed even lower some “bad” developers just disappear.


imagine if you thought you could develop a site but you’d never really done one before, just demos, and what you thought looked nice. so you check out craig’s list and start pitching requests. and you think that will only take 6 hours and you pitch some stupid amount at some babysitter rate and lo and behold you get some stupid asshole to purchase from you. but OMG now you have to deliver and s/he really wants it now and to work. that’s a ROOKIE! you’re screwed.

4.You’re stupid.

where in the world can you buy something for less than what it costs. can you get a burger at MacDonald’s for a quarter? if you think that’s available on the web you’re from mars. and if you keep insisting it is you’re just stupid. you can’t get anything for nothing anywhere and at the end of the day good stuff is better than dogshit and it costs the same no matter where you get it or from whom. be fair or human – they’re the same.

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